Gloves for Space and Earth

Gloves for Earth and Space

Space Apps Challenge NYC 2016

Space Apps Challenge NYC 2016

FFD was founded from a prize winning entry in NASA’s 2009 Astronaut Glove Challenge, where our pressurized gloves outperformed NASA’s current technology in several key categories.  Since then, we have focused on this especially challenging and vital part of the space suit. Read on below or contact us directly to discuss your mission needs.

Double Layer IVA

Our Double Layer IVA gloves leverage traditional two layer construction for a familiar, comfortable fit. These inexpensive gloves are appropriate for missions requiring only minimal mobility such as early phase suited operations and planetary simulations. 

These gloves can be further customized with anthropomorphic palm bars, shaped fingertips, capacitive touchscreen compatibility, and other mission-specific features depending on your specific requirements.


Single Layer IVA

Our more advanced Single Layer IVA gloves come standard with custom-molded fingertips and palm bars with enhanced range of motion, increased dexterity, a noticeable bump in tactility, and capacitive touchscreen compatibility. The added features make these gloves well-suited for high-fidelity simulations and mission tasks requiring fine motor skills.

Advanced EVA

In 2011, NASA contracted FFD to further develop EVA glove technology offerings. Our latest EVA pressure garment gloves builds on prior advances with an integrated gimbal wrist joint with 2 degrees of freedom that provides our broadest range of motion to date. These gloves are suitable for high operating pressures without significant tradeoffs on joint torque and dexterity. 

SETP Member Miguel Iturmendi testing FFD's 3G Suit and Double Layer IVA gloves.

SETP Member Miguel Iturmendi testing FFD's 3G Suit and Double Layer IVA gloves.