Anti-G Pants

Final Frontier Design's Anti-G pants are high-compression pants suitable for space flight, orthostatic intolerance, coach class syndrome, and sports-compression recovery.

Designed for rapid donning and doffing, our trousers are non-restrictive, comfortable, and easily tuned to the wearer's desired level of compression.

Space-Inspired Construction

Lightweight & Optimized

Just like space suits, FFD Anti-G Pants are made with lightweight fabrics and construction for minimal weight and stowage volume. Performance is further optimized by varying the stretch fabric thickness providing optimal compression where needed.

Easy, Effective, and Innovative 

Leveraging FFD's expertise in high-technology materials, our Anti-G Pants utilize an innovative hook-and-loop alternative that is comfortable to the touch while retaining secure mating for compression. Fourteen individual straps enable quick, customizable compression grading.

Three Compressive Zones



A compressive waist belt doubles as a lower back support, eliminating the muffin top waist and supporting the lumbar area while both seated and standing. The crotch is patterned for a conformal, yet comfortable fit.  



The thighs have 3 straight straps for compression up to a measured 30 mmHg. G-pant knees are patterned thin and flexible to transitioning smoothly from the high compression area of the calf.



The calf has 4 pull-back straps for high compression over the lower leg. Soft low-profile stirrups secure g-pants in place at the ankle. Calf straps capable of measured compression above 50 mmHg.

FFD G-Pant Specifications