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Final Frontier Design

Mission Statement

From the outset, our cornerstone has been new technology and materials solutions. Commercial space requirements of comfort, aesthetics, cost, weight, and adjustability inform our designs, while we strive to meet the stringent engineering standards of NASA’s historical suits.

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Supporting creativity and innovation.

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Final Frontier Design was founded in 2010 on the winnings of NASA's Astronaut Glove Challenge, with the goal of developing safety garments to enable human travel to space.

Since then, we have regularly contracted with NASA and private industry to better equip humans in extreme environments.

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FFD’s short term goal is to provide flight-ready space suits for a variety of space access providers, while developing spin off garments for use here on Earth and throughout the solar system.



Since 2010, FFD has been awarded five SBIR grants, aSpace Act Agreement with NASA, a NASA fixed-price contract in 2016, and a Flight Opportunities Program grant for microgravity testing in 2017. In that time, FFD has built 9 individual space suits representing four distinct generations of improvements.



We are currently augmenting technology for first EVA space suit intended for microgravity operations in space.

FFD also develops safety solutions for first-responders and other technical applications, alongside public experiences supporting space and science tourism.