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Elite Daily


Elite Daily came to our Brooklyn lab to find out more about how we design safety garments for space.

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FFD and Starfighters complete SDR


In Novebmer, 2017, FFD completed System Definition Review (SDR) with Starfighters Aerospace at the Kennedy Space Center in Florida.

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Microgravity Testing!


FFD completed a total of 7 microgravity flights through the fall of 2017, including 4 flights under NASA's Flight Opportunities Program.  

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Real Clear Life


The folks from Real Clear Life came to visit our lab in the Navy Yard, and filmed a Space Suit Experience.


Watch the Video and read the article here.

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FFD in Air&Space!


Final Frontier Design was extensively featured in the September, 2017 issue of Air&Space magazine.  The article, "In Pursuit of the Perfect Spacesuit", includes an analysis of the most current suits out there.

Check out the article here.

Closeup screenshot of FFD’s pressure visualization and video documentation setup. (Credit: Final Frontier Design)

Closeup screenshot of FFD’s pressure visualization and video documentation setup. (Credit: Final Frontier Design)

Final Frontier Design Delivers MCP Gloves to NASA


BROOKLYN, NY, October 28, 2016 (FFD PR) – Final Frontier Design (FFD) has delivered a pair of functional Mechanical Counter Pressure (MCP) gloves to NASA’s Johnson Space Center in Houston. This marks a major milestone in FFD’s fixed-price contract with NASA for MCP gloves and represents a promising alternative in space suit pressure garment design.

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Sourcing Journal and Ted Southern's Keynote Address


Sourcing Journal's coverage of FFD President, Ted Southern"...dropping some space-age knowledge on clothing and retail executives" during his keynote address at the PI Apparel Conference

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theCHIVE visits FFD


Promoting the recent release of Independence Day: Resurgence, theCHIVE's Tiffany Smith visited FFD  to try out our Space Suit Experience.

Checkout the video here.

DJ Shadow - "The Mountain Will Fall" Package Reveal


DJ Shadow's latest album "The Mountain Will Fall" just dropped this month! We were honored to host Mass Appeal and provide them our Martian prototype gloves for a fittingly spacey package reveal. 

Checkout the reveal here.


Making a Sexier Spacesuit


The days of getting dressed up to fly are gone. But the days of getting dressed up for space travel—well, they’re on their way.

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IEEE Xplore: Space Suits for the Mars Generation


The Martian’s Matt Damon looks great lost in space, but what will next-gen space suits really require?

Whenever Hollywood stars venture out into infinity and beyond, they get a slick new wardrobe upgrade. Gravity’s Sandra Bullock has her hip-hugging Sokol suit. The Martian’s Matt Damon sports color-coordinated Red Planet gear.

But real astronauts aren’t as lucky. They get stuck wearing the same old space duds, sometimes for decades. Space travel is expensive, and space attire itself is costly and difficult to make. So even if some of our current space suits are based on patents from the 1950s, why not keep using those same designs if they’ve already been tested and still work?

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Credit: Sebastian Knoops

Credit: Sebastian Knoops

Dit bedrijf maakt de ruimtepakken die astronauten straks aantrekken op Mars


In 2017 willen SpaceX en Boeing ruimtevluchten gaan verzorgen van Cape Canaveral naar het Internationale ruimtestation (ISS). NASA hoopt binnen twintig jaar mensen op Mars te krijgen. Start-up Planetary Resources wil mineralen gaan winnen op asteroïden en Bigelow Aerospace hoopt de belangrijkste bouwer van ruimtestations te worden.

Wat hebben deze organisaties gemeen? Ze hebben allemaal ruimtepakken nodig.

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Successful Russian design engineer in the space industry.


In 2009, together with his partner, Nikolai won a major international competition for the design of gloves for American astronauts. And now he has been developing space suits for NASA. His company Final Frontier Design is small, but on a par with giants like SpaceX, ATK Space Systems, United Launch Alliance.

Popular Mechanics: A Small Brooklyn Outfit is Building a Better Astronaut Glove


Final Frontier Design is designing the astronaut suit of the future, and right now it's investing big in one of the most important components: the hands. Like the rest of the suit, gloves have to be pressurized to protect the astronaut from the elements – or lack thereof – of near-Earth space. That's done, on the most reductive level, by filling the suit with air. But that makes the gloves unwieldy.

Enter Final Frontier. The small outfit out of Brooklyn was just awarded a contract by NASA to build a better glove.

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NASA Awards Final Frontier Design with New Contract to Build MCP Gloves for Future Manned Spaceflight Missions


BROOKLYN, August 24, 2015 – Last week, Final Frontier Design (FFD) was awarded its first fixed-price contract for the delivery of a functioning mechanical counter pressure (MCP) glove system next Summer.

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Tech Times: Exploring The Future Of Fashion With Final Frontier Design


Ted Southern and Nikolay Moiseev are not your typical design team. Their bespoke suits are as painstakingly constructed as Viktor & Rolf's and as splashy as Dolce & Gabbana's but, at upwards of $68,000, they're far more expensive – and much edgier.

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Wired UK (print): Ever wondered how to make a #spacesuit?


via Instagram: 
In the new issue of WIRED, we take a tour of @finalfrontierdesign's Brooklyn factory, where they test and manufacture clothing for #nasa and other customers – including #cirquedusoleil's #michaeljackson show. The team says that Cirque du Soleil's leak requirements are stricter than NASA's. Showbiz, eh? 

Photography: Martin Adolfsson

WSJ: Brooklyn Startups Pitch Spacesuits, Bitcoin Apps


In a 900-square-foot Brooklyn Navy Yard studio earlier this week, the employees of spacesuit manufacturer Final Frontier Design were welding fabrics and planning designs.

Amid the activity, co-founder Ted Southern was rehearsing a two-minute pitch that could win his firm $50,000.

Move over, artisanal pickles and mayonnaise: There are new entrepreneurs in Brooklyn.

CBS This Morning: From Victoria's Secret Angels to NASA Astronauts


Ted Southern started his career making wings for some of the most beautiful women in the world. His work became the signature of the Victoria’s Secret clothing line. Now he’s shooting for the stars with his new designs, working with NASA to create new-age space suits. Vinita Nair reports.




NASA(美国国家航空航天局)计划在 2025 年把人类送往某颗小行星,在 2030 年把人类送往火星。这个计划也许已经不再新鲜。但假如告诉你,未来所穿的这些太空服出自一位雕塑艺术家,你会做何感想?是的,真的已经有人开始这么干了。

Read all about it here.

Now Made in Brooklyn: Space Suits and the Spinoff Fashions You’ll Be Wearing Next Winter


At Final Frontier Design, in the Brooklyn Navy Yard, Ted Southern and Nikolay Moiseev make space suits. An FFD space suit costs $65,000, and, as you’d expect for anything so expensive, it’s really sleek.

NASA Selects Commercial Space Partners for Collaborative Partnerships


Our biggest news yet! NASA just announced its newest selection of Commercial Space Partners for Collaborative Partnerships and Final Frontier Design is among the four! 

As of Dec 23, 2014, we have an official Space Act Agreement with NASA! A very proud day for FFD to receive this honor and privilege. Congratulations to our fellow partners: ATK Space Systems, SpaceX, and the ULA. 

Read all about it here.

Fox 5 Local News


NEW YORK (MYFOXNY) - Before I could complete a set of pressure-aided push-ups in a spacesuit, before I could crash and burn attempting to stand back up, and before I could fail to best Alan Shepard's lunar round of golf, I had to first travel to a warehouse in the Brooklyn Navy Yard to speak with a former maker of props and costumes.


Gizmodo: I Went to Brooklyn to Try on a Bonafide Spacesuit


If you want to experience what it's like to wear a real-life spacesuit, you can go to one of two places: Russia or Brooklyn. (Or, you know, space.)


Popular Science Space Suit Experience Review


Popsci reporter Loren Grush tries on our space suit. Expert Voices Op-Ed


Final Frontier Design President Ted Southern writes an Op-Ed for advocating for sensible new space industry regulations.  Space Suit Experience Review

2014.08.29 Reporter Miriam Kramer tries out the Space Suit Experience


FFD Unveils the Space Suit Experience


Final Frontier Design (FFD) is proud to unveil their “Space Suit Experience” (SSE) today, offering the public a chance to wear and train in a real space suit. 

IMG_2243.JPG Brooklyn


Final Frontier Design is betting on private space travel.   

Popular Science


DIY Space Suit Chose for Suborbital and Supersonic Flights.

"Your Essential Travel Wear for near-space jaunts."


Company News!


Starfighters Aerospace (SFA) and Final Frontier Design (FFD) announce their strategic partnership to integrate and optimize the FFD 3G Space Suit for SFA's F-104 supersonic jets.



Specialty Fabrics Review


New Frontiers: Improvements in radiation protective textiles for Earth and beyond.


Company News


FFD delivers space suit arm reproduction to the Science Museum of Minnesota for inclusion in their Journey to Space exhibition, premiering in 2015.


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Meet One of the Builders of Your Next Space Suit!


Parabolic Arc


Zero2Infinity Receives Pressure Suit from Final Frontier Design, for their high altitude "Bloon".



The high-altitude balloon company Zero2Infinity has received its first space suit, designed by American company Final Frontier Design


Pratt Institue DAHRC


Digital + Space: Final Frontier Design and Pratt DAHRC Collaboration to Explore Space Suit Design.

Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University 


The Mars Society Kick-Off of the 2013-14 MDRS Field Season includes Final Frontier Glove Testing conducted by ERAU.

Ted and Nik



After the Challenge: Final Frontier Design




Two inventors in Brooklyn and slowly winning over NASA

adafruit logo



FFD featured on #Wearable Wednesday

nik in Zvezda



FFD and other design firms pioneering space suit fashion.

Ted 2G Launch Position

International Business Times


Next Generation Space Suits: From Brooklyn, MIT, and NASA, to Outer Space

Ted with CB

Space Travel

Citizens In Space

AOL on Tech



Final Frontier Design Unveils New Space Suit on Capitol Hill


Parabolic Arc


NASA Selects Final Frontier Design for Two SBIR Phase I Awards



The Final Frontier of Art and Science

Motherboard - A Vice Channel


The Unlikely Pair of Brooklyn Designers Who are Building a Better Space Suit.

The Atlantic Monthly


These 2 Guys in Brooklyn want to build the space suit of the future.

New York Post


Spacesuits: The Final Frontier

Popular Science


The Deep Space Suit

UC Riverside


Free Enterprise: The Art Of Citizen Space Exploration

The Washington Post


Next Level Space Suits, brought to you by a Victoria's Secret designer and a Russian Engineer.

The Verge


Final Frontier Design reaches Kickstarter Goal

Popular Science


Victoria's Secret Designer is Giving Private Spaceflight a Makeover

The Fox Is Black


Space Suit of the Week

Wired Magazine


Inside Brooklyn's DIY Spacesuit Startup


Private Space Suit Evolution

Parabolic Arc


Final Frontier Design Launches Kickstarter Campaign

Tech News Daily


Startup's $10,000 Spacesuit Looks for Crowdfunding



Final Frontier Design creating budget space suit