The Space Suit Experience

The Space Suit Experience

from 299.00

Come to our studio space to wear a real space suit, performing astronaut-oriented tasks, and rocking your best hero pose!

We invite you to visit our studio, learn a little about space suit history and design, and see how space suits are made. Guests can also try out our latest prototype gloves in a negative pressure glove box and take photos during your experience.

Come be a part of the growing commercial space industry while contributing actual data in our live testing environment! Suit Experience participants also receive a selection of photos from their visit and a Final Frontier Design patch.

* Please note: With the recent re-categorization of space suits from ITAR to EAR, the SSE is now open to all fellow space enthusiasts, including foreign nationals (some exceptions apply)! As a reminder, participants must be between 5'2" - 6'5", with a maximum girth at the hips or chest of 43”, and in good physical condition.  


Lecture & Glove Box:

1-4 Guests: $299

5 - 10 Guests: $599

Lecture, Glove Box, Space Suit Experience:

1-4 Guests: $799

5 - 10 Guests: $1,399

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