Emergency Jacket

Emergency Jacket


The Emergency Jacket is a super light weight, high performance protective shell.  The jacket weighs less than 3 ounces, yet provides water and wind protection, as well as insulates from the cold and reflects harsh sunlight.

Made with reinforced taped seams, the jacket is reversible (metallic green and silver), and folds up smaller than a sandwich!  The dyneema adds very high strength and tear resistance as well as water and wind protection, while the mylar ensures heat and sun reflection.  This jacket is not simply a mylar sheet; it is a durable and reusable garment made for use.

We are currently in prototype development of this jacket and are looking for user feedback and testing before we move to a larger market.  For this reason, the jacket is offered more than 20% off our anticipated retail price.  PLEASE ALLOW 1 MONTH FOR DELIVERY.

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