Communications Cap w/ Integrated Headset

Communications Cap w/ Integrated Headset


Get the same communications caps specified for the full FFD space suit system. Designed for use inside our space suit, these close fitting over-caps can accommodate a variety of head-mounted electronics, including headphones, fitness trackers, hands-free earpieces, and heads up displays or be worn as is.  Perfect for gamers, bikers, and space enthusiasts alike who wants hands-free, secure head mounting.

This cap uses a Telex 750 headset with General Aviation plugs.

Made with open weave stretch mesh and leather.  FFD Classic Black or Mission Specialist Black with White Panel Highlights. One size fits most with adjustable points at the chin strap, side panels, and nape. 

*Note: The standard FFD comm cap comes with communications electronics pre-installed. For special requests, please contact us directly:

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